Dentist in Charlotte, NC: Solutions to Tooth Loss from Various Causes

by Candace

Unlike natural teeth, keratin problems and other organic decay causes cannot affect dental implants, making them essentially longer lasting. Along with proper oral hygiene, dental implants can last a lifetime, while looking and functioning very much like real teeth. With a tooth replacement, there’s less risk of gum recession as a result of the bone being exposed to outside stimuli. Regular cleaning, however, remains a necessity to prevent bacteria from infecting the gums.

Installation of dental implants works with sedation dentistry in Charlotte, NC, which can greatly help patients relax during the procedure. Sedation also prevents unwanted, autonomous reactions from the jaw during the operation, such as gag reflexes. Dental offices like Ballantyne Center for Dentistry perform dental implants and offer sedation dentistry, giving patients a holistic kind of dental caring.