A Dentist in Charlotte, NC Aids in Bolstering your Teeth’s Foundation

by Candace

If you’ve lost at least one tooth on either set, you need to know that it could lead to the degradation of your jawbone. All is not lost, however, when you seek help from a dentist in Charlotte, NC like the professionals at the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry. As HealthAIM’s Katrina Fuentes writes, a dental implant may be the key to bringing back part of the jaw’s foundation.

Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically inserted into a gap created by a tooth that was evaluated to have been lost due to decay or another degenerative function. Titanium is the preferred metal used for implantation due to its ability to meld with existing bone mass. This, in turn, arrests any potential deterioration of the jawbone from tooth loss and stops the lost tooth’s adjacent teeth from gradually moving closer together.