Missing Teeth? A Dentist Can Use Dental Implants to Restore Your Smile

by Candace

In the past, people with missing teeth either had to learn to live without them or have dentures made. Unfortunately, dentures did not feel or look natural. Even worse, dentures had the tendency to come loose or fall out while speaking or eating. Fortunately, dental clinics like the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry offer a more modern solution: dental implants.

Dentures vs. Implants

There are several reasons why you should ask your dentist for an implant instead of dentures. For one, dental implants don’t move around. Implanted directly into the jaw, dental implants feel like natural teeth. There are other advantages to dental implants being as natural as possible; they are very durable and function like your real teeth. You’ll feel that you’ve actually got your teeth back, which can be a huge confidence booster.